A Method To Compose A Research Essay On Immigration

Immigration has emerged as one of the most burning topics in this day and age, with international politics being affected in a massive way due to changing immigration patterns and new governmental policies, regarding the issue, being launched. While it, undoubtedly, has a plethora of political implications, global immigration patterns also have social, economic and psychological impacts. Hence, it comes as no surprise that more and more students, today, are opting to conduct research work on this topic.

Causes behind the surge in immigration

The student will be required to provide a background for the emergence of the global phenomenon by listing the probable causes that may have encouraged it to take place. The causes may be varied in their aspects; they may be socioeconomic, socio-political, psychological or simply political. The student must conduct a thorough research on these points and include them in his paper to portray a holistic approach to the topic on his part.

Merits and demerits

Immigration, as a phenomenon, has exhibited both beneficial as well as adverse effects on global society. It is encouraged that the student backs up both stances with strong airtight defences and illustrate his personal opinions via an abundance of examples and scientific predictions. Modern day relevance is something that has to be covered in the paper without fail and in order to accomplish this, the student must look into current examples of immigration case studies.

Questions to be tackled in the essay

The aim of the paper should be to tackle the loopholes due to which the immigration crisis is not being successfully handled and come to an effective solution. Some of the questions that must be covered are:

  • What should the Government do to effectively resolve the crisis?

  • The adverse effects caused by the media by portraying immigrants in a negative light.

  • What are the limitations that the Government should take into account while formulating its policy on the issue?

  • Should the immigration crisis be reserved for discussion in the UN or should it be tacked by individual governments?

  • Is terrorism an offshoot of increasing immigration?

Wide essay outlook

Immigration is a sensitive topic that requires the student to be open-minded in his approach and not go into the analysis of the topic with a predetermined bias either in favour of or against the trend of immigration. Meticulous data collection and background work is necessary to make a project on this topic a success. Pragmatism, and an empathetic and understanding mind-set must be adopted.

Determine the research methods appropriate

This is one of the chapters that makes or breaks your paper.


You have to present your methods clearly. The methods that you use will also have to go hand in hand with the manner in which you write the title. Anything on the contrary will make your paper crude.


  • Select relevant examples for your paper

    Examples are a really good way for you to get your paper more reasonable. With the right examples, you are able to make your work easier since you barely have to explain some concepts. Things will easily fall into place when you do this.

  • If you can follow these simple instructions, there is nothing more you will ever have to worry about in terms of the work you are doing.

“   The final, deciding factor of any paper is the conclusion, it is in this section that you directly informs your readers of your findings. Keep it short and to the point, ensuring that it is fully supported by your presented information.  ”

–   Nick Witty
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