Simple Strategies To Come Up With Good Research Paper Topics

Finding a good topic is the key to writing the effective research paper. At certain times you may be assigned a specific topic. However, usually you have to find your own topic. Here are the simple strategies to come up with the good topics for the paper.

Brainstorm for the ideas

Choose a subject of your interest first. Once you have the broad topic in mind, you can start brainstorming all the keywords, concepts, and ideas related to it. For example, if you chose the broader subject “current affairs”, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the current political or social landscapes truly interest you?

  • Are you more interesting in reformation or simply want to provide analysis?

  • Is there a personal influence in life that inclines you towards a particular area of interest

  • Do you have strong opinion on current political and social events

Perform the background research

Any topic that you have chosen needs to be developed and background exploration will help you with that. It helps you hone your topic and make it more relevant to the paper. It also helps you decide if you need to change it. This may look like some bit of additional work. However, the truth is that it can save you more time. The more you know about the topic the better you are able develop it. This further enables you to make your paper more effective.

Narrowing down the topic

The topic for the paper must be manageable. If a topic is too broad it is difficult to find and organize information relevant to it. At the same time, if it is too narrow, you may not have enough details pertaining to it. It must be narrowed to the limit where there is scope to find substantial amount of information. Some ways to limit the topic are by culture, by geographical area, by demographic, by chronology, or by a particular discipline.

If the topic is too locally confined or too recent it will be difficult to research.

Find the relevant keywords

It is important to find the keywords that describe your topic the best. Look for these important words while reading the relevant materials. The resources for reading are available online, in the libraries, encyclopedia, and more. Look for the long tail words, narrow words, and synonyms so that you can expand your search potential. These words will be your beacons while looking through the study materials.

Remember that your topic may change

If you reach a point where it feels necessary to change the topic altogether, get going with it. It is best to change the topic instead of starting it all over.

Determine the research methods appropriate

This is one of the chapters that makes or breaks your paper.


You have to present your methods clearly. The methods that you use will also have to go hand in hand with the manner in which you write the title. Anything on the contrary will make your paper crude.


  • Select relevant examples for your paper

    Examples are a really good way for you to get your paper more reasonable. With the right examples, you are able to make your work easier since you barely have to explain some concepts. Things will easily fall into place when you do this.

  • If you can follow these simple instructions, there is nothing more you will ever have to worry about in terms of the work you are doing.

“   The final, deciding factor of any paper is the conclusion, it is in this section that you directly informs your readers of your findings. Keep it short and to the point, ensuring that it is fully supported by your presented information.  ”

–   Nick Witty
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